#iamanomaly So now that the ink has dried, I can talk about it:

Tune in tomorrow night, 9.2.14 to catch yours truly P. Murray as part of the ensemble for young finalist Quintavious Johnson on NBC’s ‘America’s Got Talent’ as he competes to advance to the next round in this last week of semifinals.

I’ll be joined by a great group of players as this gifted young singer hits the stage. This is my first time on a Nationally syndicated TV competition series, and my 1st experience working on stage at the legendary Radio City Music Hall. Thanks to Jill Dell’Abate for considering me for this great opportunity. 

The live taping beings at 9pm EST on NBC. Not sure where we are in the lineup, but keep it locked in - we’ll be in all black w/pretty snazzy gold jackets ;-) | Look for me on keys on the RIGHT (#StageLeft). Thanks for your continued support!

This is amazing!
I’ll Tape it while I’m at my show!

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I must admit it hasn’t been a great week. Sidelined most of it with allergies and wondering/worrying if would turn into a sinus infection. Not fun. 

Down to my last pair of underwear, allergies or not, I had to do laundry this morning. 

Marie heard me slowly going down the stairs. “You lost the spring in your step.”

I nodded to her, “Allergies!”

"My poor boy, no Labor Day weekend fun for you. You need some special beef soup!"

"That sounds good, Marie."

I went and did my laundry, quickly noticing how hot and humid it got overnight. 

When I got back, Marie came out and helped me take my laundry up the stairs. “I’m here for my boy.”

"Thanks Marie!"

When we got everything up the stairs, Marie ran into her apartment and came out with her special beef soup. “I promise this soup will put a smile on your face!”

Mission accomplished. 


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Photo Set



I cleaned up Kevin and made Cecil look more like Cecil Baldwin. 

this is awesome! look, jeebuspleabus!!

Wow! Love it!

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I was gonna say that @maxcrumm is a fool. But I guess I’m the fool. The more fool I.


Not sure which of these beers describes me perfectly. #beerrun #picstitch

  • Question: You are an absolute delight of an actor and a storyteller. I first heard your voice through Night Vale, but I recently heard the story that you told for The Moth about the car accident and I wanted to say how very moving I found it. I lost my father at a very young age, and your story really resonated with me on a deep level. Thank you so much for sharing it, and thank you for being an amazing, talented human being. I hope you have a wonderful day and that something really good happens to you :) - magebirb
  • Answer:

    Thank you very much for the compliments. I’m going to consider your kind words the ‘something good’ that happened to me. A perfect way to end my day. Thanks again!

    Good night!


Me & my student Esme wear the same glasses. Thanks for seeing #thefantasticks Esme! See you next summer!


I love my friends. @traceyconyerlee @boomerangtheatr


Here’s @rapunzel45 in Love’s Labour’s Lost in Bryant Park. Lovely costumes, lovely setting. Seeing it with the lovely @traceyconyerlee ! (I’m not sure who the lovely man in the foreground is, but I’m glad I got a pic of him) #Boomerang


Just picked up My next audiobook. Provocative.